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Our service through Covd-19

From March 21st we will closed our market stall at the old Spitalfields market until further notice . Online store will still be open with limited service. There may be delays on delivery. Apologies in advance. We encourage you to follow the best practices, which , of course, includes taking care of your body and surroundings. It’s just as important, however, that you take excellent care of your mental and spiritual health because that’s where dis-ease starts. Be aware of what’s going on in the world around you , but do not dwell there. Raise your thoughts to a higher frequency - the place where the outcome you desire reside. You have amazing power inside you. Use it to practice gratitude and focus on what you want for you , your loved ones, your community and the world as a whole .


  • Posted On April 04, 2020 by Alicia

    Looking forward to visit your stall once this is over !
    Do you open weekends I m coming From Birmingham ?

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