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Re-glaze service for your Rim Less glasses.


This is the process whereby the optical laboratory technician will put new lenses into your existing frames! Whether you've scratched your lenses or simply require a changed prescription, you don’t need to buy new glasses if your old frames are still in good condition.



If you have a question about the re-glaze process, please feel free to contact our customer service department:

Tel: 07552398307


e-mail: diego@iwearitalia.co.uk


Note: If the frame is unable to withstand the high temperatures during the re-glazing process and subsequently breaks, this is at the customer's own risk. Especially older plastic frames which tend to have minute hairline fractures that are more susceptible to cause a frame breakage during this process.
Nevertheless, this is an unlikely occurrence as all our lenses are refitted by experienced, qualified laboratory technicians using the latest Optical glazing machinery to an extremely high standard and to the same quality you would expect from your local Optician.
Note: Many lens options have different prices based on the type of lenses selected.

Note: It is our company policy NOT to refund or exchange any re-glazed product, unless the lenses have a manufacturing defect.